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The Beginning

Hi, I'm Brit.

I'm the owner and designer at Bohemian & Bouj. What started out as a curious craft day back in October of 2019 has led me to the most soul-aligned business.

Bohemian & Bouj is a brand conceived of pure magic. It's no coincidence that B&B was born the same exact month I joined To Be Magnetic, back in Oct 2019. To Be Magnetic is a Neural Manifestation method that helps you heal, allowing you to become your most authentic self, and from there, attract what's most aligned with your heart's desires. 

It all started on a random Saturday morning. I was scrolling on Instagram and someone I followed showcased a sphere she had made out of resin and real flowers. I had never heard of resin, but I loved flowers so the idea of immortalizing them into a container seemed intriguing. I had just learned what "pings" were via To Be Magnetic (an intuitive inkling or hint from the universe), so when I got the strong urge to drive to my local craft store to purchase some supplies, I went with it. And that was that, I was hooked.

First Sale

By December 2019, my floral & resin pieces were in my first store and I had made my first sale. Bohemian & Bouj wound up being the conduit through which I learned the To Be Magnetic curriculum - aka magnetism. The more joy and play I infused into making my pieces, the more abundance rolled in. And conversely, the more I made decisions from ego and fear, the more my abundance dried up. 

Surprise Feature on Buzzfeed

In February 2020, I hosted my first resin jewelry workshop for Galentine's Day and it was a hit. I started scheduling more workshops, and then March 2020 happened, so I got creative and turned my workshop into DIY floral jewelry kits that people could buy and use at home, and listed them on Etsy.

I listed 10 kits and they sold out immediately. I was shocked. I started getting messages from people saying they saw "the article" and would I be stocking more? By some odd fate, the day I posted my kits for sale, Buzzfeed did an article featuring 26 fun art kits to do at home, and my kits were #26. I sold 75 kits in two weeks. 

What's Next

Almost 4 years later, B&B is still a light in my life everyday. It's been through multiple evolutions, deaths, and rebirths. Today, it's my part-time side hustle that brings a joyful income stream and a creative outlet like no other.  

As I've upleveled in my personal life, I've also upleveled Bohemian & Bouj. The materials, the packaging, the brand, the exposure.

I'm honored to be a sponsor for the To Be Magnetic speaking tour in September 2023.

To whatever's next! 🥂