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DIY Jewelry Refill Pack

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This is a refill pack for the DIY Jewelry Resin kit:

Refill pack includes:
• 5 pairs of blank bohemian earrings
• 10 pressed flowers
• Gold foil flakes
• Fairy dust flakes

Make your own gorgeous floral jewelry!

How to use:

1. Purchase our DIY Jewelry Kit or purchase the necessary supplies
2. Place your flower on the center of a 1.5in x 1.5in piece of resin tape
3. Add your blank jewelry on the flower (the front of the jewelry should be facing up)
4. Make sure there are no gaps between the jewelry and the tape
5. Add a thin layer of resin (you can always add more later)
6. Mix in pieces of gold leaf flakes (optional)
7. Place under uv light for 2-4 minutes until cured (no stickiness)
8. Remove the tape and add a thin layer of resin to the back of the piece
9. File off flower edges if needed
10. Cure under the uv light for an additional 1-2 minutes
11. Rock your jewels and shout "THANKS I MADE IT" whenever someone looks in your general direction