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Metamorphia Ring | 14k Gold-Filled
Metamorphia Ring | 14k Gold-Filled

Metamorphia Ring | 14k Gold-Filled


Metamorphosis: (noun)a change of the nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means

The Metamorphia Ring is an heirloom representing transformation. As humans, we experience life-altering events that challenge the core of who we are. Not unlike the butterfly, we exist in uncomfortable phases of in-between - not who we once were, not who we're becoming. 

The Metamorphia Ring is a reminder; there are better days ahead. 

Made with real, ethically-sourced butterfly wings, these pieces carry the frequency of perseverance and strength. The delicate wing elements are memorialized by resin, set in 14k gold-filled rings.

These conversation-starters come packaged on our Metamorphia cards, making them the perfect gift for those who need the reminder that they will make it through this season.

The delicate and dainty band of the ring is complimentary to all finger types. 

14k gold-filled metal means you are safe to wash your hands while wearing your ring without having to worry of tarnishing your new favorite piece.

Make it a set by snatching the Metamorphia Necklace.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, color, size and shape of the wing may vary. 

*Specimens are ethically and sustainably sourced from international farms and suppliers.